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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

 Pharmaceutical Intermediates

    Chemical Name                                        L-Cystine

    Molecular Formula                              C6H12 N2O4S2

    Molecular Structure                        



    Molecular Weight                                  240.29

    Gravity                                                  1.31-1.34

    CAS NO.                                                 56-89-3


AppearanceWhite crystals or crystalline powder
Initial M.P. -215 - -225°
Ignition Residue %≤0.10 
Heavy Metal ≤ ppm10.0 
Water Content %≤0.20 
Melting Point ℃≥240.0

Properties   Hardly soluble in water, Insoluble in ethanol and  aether 

Uses      1.A kind of nutrient can cure hepatitis, developed    abnormai:alopetia after ill and post partum.It also used for typhoid dysentery, influenza and other acute infectious diseases, asthma, neuralgia, eczema and various poisoning disorders; It is a good medicine to prevent cirrhosis and other liver diseases.

           2.raw materials for the cysteine series of derivatives of  L-cysteine, carboxymethyl cysteine, acetyl cysteine.

            3.Used in food additive, medicine and cosmetic etc.