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 Plasticizer, Peptizer DBD

    Chemical Name                                       22′-Dibenzamido diphphenyl disulfide

    Molecular Formula                                C26H20N2O2S2

    Molecular Structure                        



    Molecular Weight                                 456.59

    CAS NO.                                                 135-57-9


White or Pale Yellow PowderLight Green Pellet Solid
Melting Range,℃136-143--
DBD content ≥%9740.0±2
Loss on Drying %≤0.500.50
Ash %≤0.300.50
Residues(150μm) %≤0.50--

Properties  Benzene,ethanol,acetone,etc.Insoluble in water.It is considered to be a potential skin sensitizer

Uses        P-22 is an effective chemical peptizer for NR and SBR. It is specially suitable for mixing at high temperature over 120℃.It can reduce the milling time greatly and thereby can save the power consumption,and it has little effect on the aging properties of ruber products While improving the process ability.The function of P-44 is to forward the cracking the molecular chain, in order to reduce the time of plastication,lowing power consumption and cost,increasing productivity.